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Некоторые люди избегают путешествовать в одиночку; некоторые принимают это. Так что же делает этот вариант привлекательным? Каковы преимущества одного из них? Ну, во-первых, путешествие в одиночку может быть очень полезным. Маршрут, который...
Boxing is one of the most ancient martial arts. It is known that it was extremely popular in Egypt and Mesopotamia.  So, on the frescoes of the tomb of Beni Hassan (Egypt), dating from 2300 BC, the fights of boxers and boxers are depicted. Along with wrestling and pankration, boxing was very popular in ancient Greece. Officially fist fight (pygmy) has been included in the Olympic program of antiquity from the XXIII Games held in 668...
Conor, an Irish mixed martial artist, posted a video on his Instagram where he trains with his son. The shots taken in the training room of Conor depict the process of occupying one of the sons of a 31-year-old athlete. Conor skillfully defends himself against a baby who strikes in fighting gloves. Recall that in his last fight, Conor lost to Russian Khabib. Earlier it was reported that Russian fighter of the Absolute...
He took it slow out of coaching for his UFC come back to hit pads together with his son yesterday. The Irish person practiced putting together with his two-year-old at SBG Ireland's new Irish capital military installation, that was placed on imprisonment earlier in the week. This footage was shared on the Irishman’s Instagram feed yesterday, wherever it's been viewed over 1,000,000 times. Accompanying the clip, the...